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SofWerkz works with you to deliver the custom web solution just right for your business. With the business acumen and technological staff to support even the most ambitious projects, we follow a very methodical, proven approach to ensure your total satisfaction.
 Custom Personal & Business Websites

It is impossible to overstate the importance of making an outstanding first impression to your customers, especially in today’s saturated marketplace. A great website is often solely responsible for drawing customers in, as a bland one is for turning them away. A high quality, modern business website is the single most important marketing investment you can make. Our clients are often chosen over their competition based on their websites alone.

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We custom design every website we build, molding them to your business. We use your colors, your logos, your marketing material, and your ideas to create your website design and layout. This sets us apart from most other website development companies – your website will be unique, and will never come from a template.

We excel at web design and creation. We have years of experience creating successful business websites, online stores (aka E-commerce websites & online shopping carts), portfolio websites (for photographers & artists), and other professional websites. Check out our web design portfolio to see the custom websites we’ve created for others.

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Quality AND Affordability

Although our websites are top quality, we are generally one of the most reasonably priced web design companies out there.


To prove it, we are happy to provide free estimates, so contact us today for a free web design quote and you may be pleasantly surprised!


Benefits of a Professional Business Website

  1. Builds Trust with Your Customers – According to a Nielsen survey, a professionally built website is one of the most trusted forms of advertising. In fact, according to the survey, the only forms of advertising that have higher trust ratings are referrals from people you know, and reviews from people who have tried the product.

    This means that the professionalism of your website is very important! It is a fact – if your website is not at least as well done as your competitors’ sites, you are losing business.

  2. Visitors Read More – As a website owner, you have the opportunity to share valuable or compelling information with your visitors. Wouldn’t it be better if visitors read more of your content? The more content visitors read, the more likely they are to send you an inquiry or give you a call.

    We develop websites with a science that makes visitors want to stay longer, read more, and ultimately do more business with you. We accomplish this through intuitive website navigation, sharp, professional graphic design, and ease of content readability.

  3. Built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Every website we develop is equipped with strong built-in SEO fundamentals, which serve as an ideal foundation for future search engine rankings.
  4. Higher Quality – A higher quality website always gives your business a better image. Image and branding are very powerful – they make your company come off as “trustworthy” and “professional”, as opposed to “low budget”.
  5. Functionality – You may have heard the term “brochure website”, which is a website that contains chiefly text and images. No matter how well designed they are, reading these websites gets old quickly. We proudly offer image sliders, contact forms, shopping carts, online payments, event calendars, embedded videos, and much more.

Website Design Process: What to Expect

Each custom designed website we create is unique to our clients’ business and identity. Before the initial website design we’ll go over your wants and needs in a website. We’ll talk about the pages and functionality you’ll need, as well as the look and feel you’d like to go for.

After the initial website design, we’ll work with you to revise and hone the design based on your thoughts and feedback. This way, we can make sure that all of your wants and needs in a website are met! And we’ll do it with style (check out our portfolio).

Working personally with our clients to meet all of your wants and needs in a website is something that sets us apart. We’ll never just hand you something and say “next”. We’ll ask what you think about your new website design, and what you need added, removed, or changed. We are also happy to brainstorm with you any other ideas you’d like to think about to accomplish your online goals.

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Why SofWerkz

bulletpoint USA-based
bulletpoint No contracts, no hidden fees
bulletpoint Phone support talk to a live person
bulletpoint You solely manage your project
bulletpoint Fast response times
bulletpoint Competitive rates

How We Work


bulletpoint Get a Flat Rate Quote
bulletpoint Purchase Programmer Time
bulletpoint Programmer is assigned within 24 hours
bulletpoint Manage your tasks and programmer directly
bulletpoint Use our ticket system and skype
bulletpoint Assign tasks. Review tasks. Approve tasks
bulletpoint We check tasks for feasibility
bulletpoint Your The Project Manager

Once payment is made you will have access to our ticket system where you personally manage, assign tasks, and review your programmers work. You are purchasing timed access to your programmer only, and as such, you will manage the tasks and deadlines. Our supervisors are available by phone during working hours to help you if needed. We make sure we reply within working hours and that we are accessible by phone, our ticket system, and skype.