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SofWerkz leverages 10 + years experience customizing Content Management Systems to deliver the finest CMS experience available. More affordable that a custom site, CMS offers the best of both worlds -- economy and flexibility, while delivering an award winning user interface. Additionally, upgrading to more pages, features and designs are more cost effective due to the contributions by the open source community and the number of developer professionals. 




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Our Promise

  • We answer the phone and emails during working hours
  • Your programmer is available during your working hours.
  • We will finish what we start, if we go over time and its our fault, NO EXTRA CHARGE, we keep working
  • We call you to make sure your on track during your project
  • We will make sure all tasks are feasible before starting
  • We don't quit or disappear.
  • The programmer works directly with you, no middle man, direct contact!
  • Unused hours roll over and are banked until used
  • 30 day warranty, debugging only, no further customizations or functionality changes during warranty period. We make sure your site works.

Why SofWerkz

bulletpoint USA-based
bulletpoint No contracts, no hidden fees
bulletpoint Phone support talk to a live person
bulletpoint You solely manage your project
bulletpoint Fast response times
bulletpoint Competitive rates

Free Extras

Every website includes the extras at no charge per plan:

  • Sitemap generation and submissions * 
  • Google webmasters tools setup and configuration * ^ +
  • First round of search engine optimization * ^
  • First round of Speed Optimization * ^
  • First round of Browser Optimization * ^
  • Website Backup Program * + ^
  • Mobile Responsive Design * ^
  • Firewall component * + ^
  • SEO Extensions *
  • SSL configuration for shopping carts (customer must purchase SSL separately) *


* Full Development, 
^ Version Updates and Upgrades

+ Hacked Site Repairs

How We Work


bulletpoint Get a Flat Rate Quote
bulletpoint Purchase Programmer Time
bulletpoint Programmer is assigned within 24 hours
bulletpoint Manage your tasks and programmer directly
bulletpoint Use our ticket system and skype
bulletpoint Assign tasks. Review tasks. Approve tasks
bulletpoint We check tasks for feasibility
bulletpoint Your The Project Manager

Once payment is made you will have access to our ticket system where you personally manage, assign tasks, and review your programmers work. You are purchasing timed access to your programmer only, and as such, you will manage the tasks and deadlines. Our supervisors are available by phone during working hours to help you if needed. We make sure we reply within working hours and that we are accessible by phone, our ticket system, and skype.