SofWerkz offers a wide range of services and products for businesses, whether new or existing. Business Services include design and layout of flyers, brochures, advertisements, as well as the creation of PDF documents from almost any source. Our expertise with the Adobe Suite of products allows us to create or re-create any document, in a time efficient manner and of the highest quality.


When you are really trying to impress someone, a beautifully-crafted brochure is an excellent addition to the information package you wish to leave behind. It is very important to balance style, design, content, audience, readability, and budget concerns when creating a brochure. Whether you need a mailer, a flyer, tri-fold brochure, sales brochure, marketing brochure, training manual, booklet, pocket folder, or a catalog, SofWerkz Creative has the expertise to deliver. We can assist you in making important choices about binding, paper, ink(s), wording, and overall presentation. Plus when you are ready to get your brochure printed, SofWerkz is affiliated with the best printers in the local area. We can shop the job and get you the best price.


Your event or announcement is important, and you want to make sure that as many people as possible are aware of it. If you are considering a mass distribution of printed materials, there are things you need to be aware of. You have much flexibility with flyers, but you still have to work hard to design something that won't be 'recycled' before it's even looked at. If you feel it necessary to fax a flyer somewhere, we can quickly make an easily-faxable version of an existing flyer -- if you're going to fax, make sure it will be legible where received. Even though it may just be a flyer, you still have to keep the 'look' of your business or group fresh, up-to-date, and immediately identifiable. We have the experience to help you achieve your goals.


Need to develop a company newsletter, or refine your newsletter design? SofWerkz can put it together from concept to print. If you don't need help with the writing, that's OK, we can handle just the design and layout of the newsletter. Whether you need a four-color newsletter, two-color newsletter, or one-color newsletter design, we can help you get the job done on-time and within your budget.


Printed Ads 
Printed advertisements can appear in newsletters, newspapers, magazines, phone books, and event programs; as well as on bus stops, buses, and cars. Special care must be taken to preserve your company or group's image -- from having your logo and name appear properly, to having an ad that looks good, communicates effectively, and shows your company or group in a positive light. We can make the arrangements for ad placement on your behalf, or we can work in conjunction with the printer to ensure that the ad you arrange for actually gets there on time and correct.

Electronic Ads
If you've been on the Internet for more than a few minutes, the odds are that you've seen at least one electronic ad. The most common form of electronic ads is the banner ad. Depending on where you place your ads, they can generate a huge amount of traffic heading straight for your website. A banner ad has to pique a viewer's interest enough to click through to your website. At SofWerkz, we can design banner ads for you -- taking into account who your target market is, where the ad would be appearing, and what you actually want the viewers to think about as they begin to click. It is our policy to consider "unsolicited e-mail advertising" as intrusions. We do not participate in any aspect of these "SPAM" messages, and try not to deal with businesses or groups who do use such methods.

PDF Files

The increasing popularity of the PDF format has transformed the way in which documents are transmitted. More and more they are being used for instruction manuals and to supplement or replace normal brochure distribution. We are part of a new society where the potential of presenting your company instantly on-line may well make the difference between your company and your competitors. Not everyone has the time to browse, especially on-line, so having easy to download brochures makes sense for you and sense for your customers.

We are able to produce PDF documents from a variety of popular layout programs such as PageMaker, MS Word, PowerPoint and many more. If you only have the printed document, in many cases the conversion process can still be done.


A professional menu design can increase profits, complement your eatery and provide the image needed to compete in a very competitive market. An interesting and easy-to-use menu compels your customer to read it. Your menu can either enhance or weaken your customer's dining experience. Your customer cares about how your restaurant looks -- they care how being there makes them feel. We'll work to design a menu that works perfectly in your eatery. 



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